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Bone China bowl or ceramic bowl which good

December 21, 2021

The improvement of the quality of life makes people pay more attention to some household items commonly used in life. For example, when buying tableware, there will be a question whether porcelain bowl or bone porcelain bowl is better. Bone China is made by adding animal bone powder, mostly cow bone, to make the porcelain lighter, more transparent, white and stronger. The best of ordinary China. So how much do you know about ceramics? Bone China and porcelain which good?

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1. Weight: Compared with the same type of bone China, bone China will be very light

2. Color: The color of bone China is as warm as jade, and the color of ceramics is green and astringent

3. Permeability: the transmittance of bone China is relatively transparent

4. Good heat preservation: Compared with traditional ceramics, bone China has better heat preservation and better taste when drinking coffee or making tea.

5. More durable: Because the composition of bone China is different from that of ordinary porcelain, it can be thinner, tougher and wear-resistant, not easy to wear and crack. Bone China can be heated in water at 180 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius without cracking.

6. High grade: Bone China is the only recognized high type of porcelain in the world. It has dual values of use and art, and is a symbol of power and status, known as the king of porcelain.

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