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How to choose bone China tableware

December 20, 2021

Ceramic tableware is one of the people recognized health appliances, industry has a long history, as The Times progress, ceramic materials are also constantly updated, prompting a higher level ceramic tableware market more, more favored by the public should be on the market at present is the bone porcelain tableware in the ceramic tableware, in recent years due to market demand to high-end development, brings to the bone China tableware leap progress.

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1. Color: Due to the bone powder, bone China itself presents a natural milky white, colloquically speaking, with a little yellow, which can not be imitated by any other kind of porcelain. When the bowls of different ceramics are inverted on the bulb, the high-grade bone China with the highest bone powder content will have an overall transparent feeling, strong light transmission and soft color.

2. Sound: when two food utensils are put on flat hands to collide, high-grade bone China tableware will make a clear "clang" sound, just like ringing a bell, and have a long time echo.

3. Touch the bottom: The bottom of a well-made bowl should be double-ground to prevent slipping and scratching the table.

4. Two bowls against each other: Bone China looks very thin, giving people a feeling of fragility, but in fact, it is not so. The hardness of bone China is about three times that of ordinary ceramics.

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