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The service life of ceramic bowls

December 19, 2021

Everyday meals all need to use bowls, although there are different styles, but most family bowls are made of ceramic. But ceramics also have a certain service life. Do you know how long the service life of ceramic bowls is? How often should household bowls be replaced?

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Under normal circumstances, ceramic bowls can be used for a long time, excluding non-artificial damage, the wear and tear of the family using ceramic bowls will not be damaged in a few years, and even can reach decades. In the usual use of knock against the situation, at this time we can continue to use such a ceramic bowl, the answer is negative, there will be bacteria in the gap of the ceramic bowl, the accumulation of a long time when people use it will enter the mouth, is the so-called disease from the mouth, so that we are easy to get sick. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the various information of the ceramic bowl. If there is a crack in the ceramic bowl, heavy metals may fold out from the crack and enter the food, bringing harm to our health. At this time, even if the tableware is not penetrated, it can not be used, and it needs to be replaced in time. In short, when we use ceramic bowls, we should pay attention to timely cleaning, and dry, to maintain good habits.

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