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The maintenance of ceramic tableware

December 19, 2021

Ceramic tableware is the bearer of people's delicious food on the table. Whether at home or in the hotel restaurant, we can always see all kinds of food seducing diners' senses under the bright and beautiful ceramic utensils. Tableware, food, lighting environment and diners together staged a wonderful culinary Broadway scene. So, how should we maintain these ceramic tableware?

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1. Boil for disinfection

Rinse with hot water first, mainly to remove dust and water-soluble residues on the surface of the tableware.

2. Add salt to enhance

Clean ceramic tableware will be boiled in salt water for a moment, not easy to break when used, can prolong the service life

3. Clean after meals

First use hot water to thoroughly dissolve the oil stains on the whole tableware, do not use steel balls and other hard objects to clean. If there are tea stains, use vinegar to clean. If open piece or the phenomenon such as punch crack with, besmirch penetrates easily among them, usable toothbrush dips in some acidic liquid to brush.

4. Placement method

Tableware of pottery and porcelain appears easily commonly broken, when placing, do not overlap directly as far as possible together, avoid putting the damage of all sorts of tableware surface so.

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