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How to identify the quality of the mug

December 18, 2021

What is a mug? I believe it is no stranger to our younger generation. It is famous for its novel style and rich color, and is deeply loved by people in this era of pursuing personalization. Mug is a home-made cup, which is generally used for hot drinks such as milk, coffee and tea. If you want to buy a suitable mug, you need to be careful. So, how to identify the quality of the mug?

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1. Look

When we see a mug, we should first look at its appearance and its texture. A good mug has smooth glaze, uniform color and no deformation at the mouth. It depends on whether the handle of the cup is installed upright. If it is skewed, it indicates that the cup is a defective product, and the glaze shrinkage cannot occur at the place connected with the cup body. If it does, it indicates that the workmanship of the cup is not fine enough. We can also aim the cup at the sun. A good Mug should have a certain light transmittance.

2. Listen

To listen to the quality of the mug, we can flick the mug body with our fingers. A good mug will make a crisp jingle. If the sound is not crisp, we can judge that the making materials of the mug are mixed. Similarly, we need to listen to the sound at the junction of the cup cover and the cup body. If the sound is crisp and has a small echo, it means that the quality of the cup is good.

3. Touch

You should touch the cup body with your hand to feel whether the cup body is smooth, without pinholes and defects, indicating that the quality of the cup is very good. You should also note that the bottom of the cup cannot stick to the plate due to improper operation in the glazing process.

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