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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic bowl

December 17, 2021

In our daily life, our bowls and tableware are basically made of ceramic materials. Ceramic bowls are the tableware we use when we eat and cook. There are countless manufacturers of ceramic bowls in the market. However, our ceramic bowls also have advantages and disadvantages.

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1. Easy to wash and keep clean

The glaze of ceramic bowls is usually bright and delicate, and the surface stained with dirt is easy to clean.

2. Good stability and slow heat transfer

The ceramic bowl will not burst when it is hot and cold, and the heat transfer is slow. It is not easy to be hot when it is used to hold hot things.

3. Stable chemical properties and durability

The ceramic bowl has a certain acid-base resistance and is not easy to be invaded by carbonic acid gas in the air,   Rust and aging will not occur.


Low impact strength, fragile, can not be heated directly by fire, and the cooking resistance is weak. The frozen ceramic bowl cannot be directly heated in the microwave oven, which may cause the ceramic bowl to burst.

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