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Characteristics of ceramic decoration

December 17, 2021

Ceramic decoration is an important means to beautify ceramic products, make products icing on the cake and give people perfect spiritual enjoyment. Decorative ceramics are the most commonly used decorative materials in general family decoration because of their many varieties, good decorative effect, good acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and moderate price.

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1. The first feeling of ceramic decoration is rich, meticulous, artistic and strong visual impact

The creators fully express their emotions and tonality in ceramic decoration, and show their distinctive characteristics. In the expression of artistic content, most of them use the means of symbol and metaphor to convey information through some hint, arouse people's Association, and give people a beautiful vision or sustenance in the decorative theme.

2. The decorative form of modern ceramic art interprets emotions in the form of points, lines and surfaces through simple patterns, arrangement and combination according to the effect form of beauty, and selects appropriate shapes and positions to achieve flexible changes.

3. Ceramic comprehensive decoration is to produce better effects through organic combination in the process of the increasing development of ceramic technology, including the forms of clay, glaze and color painting, as well as different expression methods of texture and painting.

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