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What kind of flowers is a glass vase suitable for

December 17, 2021

Glass vase is a common utensil, which is often used to hold green plants and flowers. There are many kinds of glass vases, which can be divided into different types according to style, manufacturing technology and processing technology. When choosing, you can choose glass vases according to your own preferences and family decoration style. Generally, glass vases are suitable for holding flowers or air dried flowers. There are many suitable vases, such as rich bamboo, rose, ivy, etc.

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1. Matching with dried flowers: insert dried flowers in the glass bottle for matching, because dried flowers can be kept for a long time after being dried. Put some dried flowers in the glass bottle, which has a sense of vicissitudes of time. The home environment is biased towards literary and artistic style, and such flower arrangement ornaments can play a foil role.

2. Fugui bamboo is also a good collocation, because the collocation of Fugui bamboo and glass bottle can increase vitality, beautify the indoor environment, and have the meaning of wealth and auspiciousness, which will give a vibrant visual feeling of life.

3. Tulips are colorful, especially suitable for inserting in transparent glass vases. Tulips of different colors can match different decoration styles, which is very versatile.

4. Roses are also suitable for maintenance in glass vases. Roses are synonymous with romance.

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