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How to choose white porcelain tea set

December 16, 2021

There are many different categories of tea sets, including ceramic tea sets, kung fu tea sets, white porcelain tea sets, etc. A set of exquisite tea sets, together with famous tea with unique color, aroma and taste, complement each other. White porcelain tea sets are the most widely used tea sets, and their patterns are fresh, handsome or light and melodious.

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White porcelain is characterized by glazing, high firing, dense and transparent green body, no water absorption of tea set, crisp and long sound. Because the color is white, it can reflect the color of tea soup, with moderate heat transfer and thermal insulation performance. In addition, it is colorful and has different shapes. Now people often use white porcelain tea sets to entertain guests, which can not only bring visual enjoyment to guests, but also show their elegant temperament. White porcelain tea ware can better set off the primary color of tea soup; White porcelain is hard and has small pores. It is not easy to retain the aroma of tea in the pot after making tea. It can mix and brew all kinds of tea.

1. Look at the whole: first, look at whether the white porcelain tea set is defective, whether the glaze is oily, and whether the hand feel is smooth and delicate.

2. Visibility: the better the quality, the better the transmittance and the more uniform.

3. Listen to the sound: the better the quality of white porcelain tea set, the clearer the sound; On the contrary, the sound of white porcelain tea set with poor quality is relatively dull.




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