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The difference between pottery tea set and porcelain tea set

December 16, 2021

Tea sets made of clay are called pottery tea sets, tea sets made of porcelain clay are called porcelain tea sets, and ceramics is the general name of pottery, porcelain and stoneware. Clay and porcelain clay are usually used as raw materials. Tea sets made through the technological processes of batching, molding, drying and roasting can be called ceramic tea sets. Although porcelain tea set and pottery tea set are two different substances, there is a close relationship between them.

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1. Different raw materials are used: ceramic tea sets can be made of ordinary clay, while ceramic tea sets need to select specific materials and use kaolin as green. When the firing temperature is at the temperature stage required by pottery, it can become pottery. At the temperature required for firing porcelain, the green body made of kaolin is called porcelain.

2. Different firing temperatures: the firing temperature of ceramic tea sets is generally lower than that of porcelain, with a minimum of or even below 800 degrees Celsius and a maximum of about 1100 degrees Celsius. The firing temperature of porcelain tea sets is relatively high, mostly above 1200 degrees Celsius, and some even around 1400 degrees Celsius.

3. Different glazes: there are two kinds of ceramic tea sets without hanging glaze and hanging glaze. The glazed ceramic glaze can melt at a lower firing temperature; There are two kinds of glaze for porcelain tea sets, i.e. one-time firing with the carcass at high temperature, or hanging low-temperature glaze on the high-temperature plain firing carcass for the second low-temperature firing.

4. Different transparency: even if the green body of pottery tea set is relatively thin, it does not have the characteristics of translucency.

5. Different hardness: the firing temperature of pottery tea set is low, the green body is not fully sintered, the sound is stuffy when knocking, the hardness of the matrix is poor, and some can even make groove marks with a steel knife. The firing temperature of porcelain tea set is high, the matrix is basically sintered, and the sound is crisp when knocking. It is difficult to make groove marks on the surface of the matrix with a general steel knife.

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