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Maintenance method of ceramic vase

December 16, 2021

The decorative practicability of ceramic vases is not the only goal, but also has ornamental value and collection value. Ceramic vases are fragile products. Maintaining ceramics is mainly to prevent external damage factors. After moving to your home, you will see the shadow of flowers, so the vase must be indispensable. Ceramic vases have been used for a long time, and there will always be a lot of stains on the vase. Dirty things always make the vase not crystal clear, which seriously affects the ornamental quality. So, how do we maintain our ceramic vases?


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1. Regular cleaning: clean the stains on the outer wall of the vase, water stains and sand on the inner wall. Avoid using hard objects such as steel wire eraser and scratching the surface of vase.

2. Change water regularly: prevent long-term sewage immersion from polluting the inner wall of the vase, and the water in the vase will breed many tiny organisms for too long, which may corrode the vase.

3. The vase is fragile. It is necessary to avoid the collision and collapse of hard objects.

4. Keep away from high temperature to prevent the vase from cracking due to high temperature.

5. Place properly to prevent dumping. When appreciating, you should take off the rings and other hard objects on your hand, and be careful not to scratch the glaze or knock the edge of the gap. When taking the utensils, hold the bottom with one hand and hold the body with the other hand. You must not hold the edge of the utensils with one hand.

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