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Purchasing skills of daily ceramics

December 15, 2021

There are many exquisite products in life, all of which are our ceramic products. There are our decoration and our use. If the tableware containing three dishes is as white as jade, as bright as a mirror, and so exquisite and delicate, we will have a big appetite. So how do we choose porcelain tableware?

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1. Appearance quality: consumers can first check the product name or grade indicated in the product packaging box or documents in the box; Secondly, the physical quality of the product can be observed with the naked eye. When purchasing, try to choose products that show no obvious defects and regular shape. For plate and bowl products, several products with the same specification and size can be stacked together, and the distance between them can be observed. If the distance is uneven, it indicates that the shape of the device is irregular and the deformation is large. For porcelain products, you can hold them in your hand and tap the edge of the mouth with your fingers. If it makes a hoarse sound, it indicates that there are cracks.

2. Lead release and cadmium release: the lead and cadmium release of in glaze color and under glaze color products is very little or almost no, which can be purchased at ease. 

(1) For utensils containing food, products with less decorative patterns on the contact surface with food shall be selected. 

(2) When purchasing, you should also pay attention to whether the pattern color is bright. If it is not bright, the temperature may not meet the requirements when baking flowers, and the lead dissolution or / and cadmium dissolution of such products are often high.

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