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Types of ceramic tea sets

December 15, 2021

Porcelain represents China, with different colors. Beautiful porcelain, elegant, quiet and publicity, is silently telling China's long history with its own unique beauty. China's tea set was first dominated by pottery. After the invention of porcelain, ceramic tea set was gradually replaced by porcelain tea set.

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1. Celadon

Celadon tea set is a porcelain with blue high-temperature glaze. It has fine texture and dignified shape. Because of its green color, it is used to brew green tea, which is conducive to the beauty of soup color, but it is not suitable for brewing black tea, green tea and black tea.

2. White porcelain

The tire and glaze used in the white porcelain tea set are all white. Its production is nearly 2000 years later than that of celadon. The white porcelain tea set has exquisite shape and is suitable for brewing all kinds of tea. It has certain ornamental value.

3. Black porcelain

Black porcelain tea sets are porcelain with black high-temperature glaze. Firing began in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, prevailed in the Song Dynasty, and gradually declined after the yuan and Ming Dynasties.

4. Colored porcelain

There are many kinds of colored porcelain tea sets, including blue and white porcelain, enamel color, colorful and pastel, among which blue and white porcelain is the most popular.

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