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Precautions for purchasing ceramic vases

December 15, 2021

Many people like to place ceramic crafts at home, which makes the home more artistic. Ceramic vase is the favorite of many people. It makes the indoor space more exquisite and artistic. So how to buy ceramic vases? What are the precautions?

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1. Check the bottle mouth

If the bottle mouth is cut, pay attention to whether the stubble is broken at the mouth. If the mouth of the vase is open, pay attention to whether the surface of the lower mouth is flat.

2. Check color

When purchasing ceramic vases, we should also pay attention to whether the color of the bottle body is uniform, especially when purchasing the type with thick color, the color appears uniform, which means that the workmanship is careful and has more texture.

3. Check the bottle bottom

Pay attention to whether the bottom of the bottle is stable. You can put the vase on the plane and gently touch it with your hand to see if the flower bottle will fall during shaking. Generally, the stable bottom of the vase is better.

4. Check the particles

Pay attention to whether there are black granular objects on the surface of the vase. Usually, the appearance of such particles is caused by the cracking of the manufacturing material.

5. Check for blistering

Pay attention to check whether there are a large number of bubbles on the surface of the ceramic vase. If there are many bubbles in the vase and they are concentrated together, don't buy it. Or if the number of bubbles is small but the diameter is large, don't choose.

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