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How to maintain porcelain

December 15, 2021

The texture of porcelain is dense and hard, smooth, non absorbent, and the pore wall is small. The characteristics of these porcelain will not affect it by light, harmful gases, pests, etc. If porcelain is not properly maintained, it will seriously endanger porcelain and is not conducive to the long-term preservation of porcelain. In particular, the fine porcelain handed down and unearthed should be carefully maintained. The maintenance of porcelain must follow the principle of handling with care and caution. At the same time, the maintenance of porcelain cannot cause protective damage to porcelain.

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1. Porcelain is fragile. During preservation, pay attention to shockproof, anti extrusion and anti-collision. Try not to touch it with sweaty hands. It's best to wear gloves when looking at the collection and pad it on the table with flannelette. Don't pass it on to each other when watching. One person should put it on the table again after watching, and others can hold it again.

2. the porcelain that has just bought back glaze or high temperature glaze should be first soaked in water for one hour, then washed with the detergent to wipe off the appearance of oil, dry with towel and put in boxes. There should be foam filling pad in the box, and the diameter should not exceed 0.5 cm after adding the foam. The collection should be tighten properly in the box, and the extrusion should be avoided to prevent damage to the collection.

3. Bottles, cans, zuns and other porcelain are usually spliced from bottom to top. When moving, you can't hold the neck of the upper part of an object. The correct way is to hold the neck with one hand and the bottom with the other. Be more careful when placing. Hold the bottom with both hands. Do not use one hand, especially the bottle. The bottom is small, the body is long, and it needs to be protected from wind.

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