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How to buy porcelain ornaments

December 14, 2021

After modern new family decoration, decorative porcelain ornaments have still become a fashion. After the decoration of the new house, people put more energy into research and selection of ornaments suitable for the decoration style of the new house. How to make these ornaments more attractive? Simple, environmental friendly, fashionable and atmospheric porcelain ornaments are the most important issue for people.

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1. Look at the shape: the genuine porcelain is upright and generous, and the porcelain bowl and plate are buckled on the counter without warping and unevenness; The shapes of supporting tea sets, pots, cups and dishes should be unified and harmonious. The handle of the teapot should not be too small, and the pot body and lid should be close.

2. Look at the surface: porcelain with excellent texture has a smooth, fine and white surface like jade; The porcelain glaze is smooth and clean, and the glaze surface is free of defects and bubbles. Under the sun, the inner surface of the porcelain is bright.

3. Look at the porcelain body: if you snap the porcelain gently with your fingers, it can make a pleasant jingle, indicating that the porcelain body is fine, dense and of good quality. On the contrary, if the sound is hoarse, it is the damage of the porcelain glaze or the poor quality of the porcelain body.

4. Look at the color pattern: no matter what style of porcelain, the color and pattern are required to be clear, generous and beautiful; Matching porcelain should also pay attention to the coordination and contrast of colors and patterns.

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