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High quality standards for ceramic tableware in three aspects

December 14, 2021

China is an ancient ceramic country with a long history of ceramic culture. There are many kinds of ceramics. Eating utensils follow the classification of porcelain and traditional characteristics. The quality requirements of daily ceramic products are not only appearance requirements, but also hygiene, multiple performance and quality requirements. Therefore, we should understand the quality standards of ceramic products.

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1. Appearance quality standard: appearance quality is an important indicator of product grade division. China's current product standard divides products into three categories: excellent products, first-class products and qualified products. Superior products are equivalent to the international advanced level, first-class products are the domestic advanced level, and qualified products are the domestic general level. If there are spots on the product, it will always give people a feeling of uncleanness, which will affect their appetite. First class products and qualified products have more relaxed requirements for allowing defects than superior products.

2. Thermal stability standard: there is no crack or damage in the product cold and heat exchange. The quality can reflect the service life of ceramic products. The temperature difference of cold and heat exchange is large and its service life is long. The standard generally stipulates that it is heated to 180 ℃, then put it into 20 ℃ water, take it out and observe whether it is damaged. There is no damage at this temperature, and its service life can generally reach more than 2-3 years.

3. Lead and cadmium dissolution standard: it is an important index of ceramic products. If it is not controlled properly in the production process, it is very easy to cause excessive dissolution of lead and cadmium in the use process, and lead and cadmium heavy metal poisoning will occur when it is often used.

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