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Name of daily porcelain modeling

December 14, 2021

Ceramics for daily use have various varieties and rich shapes. The meaning of modeling name, including product modeling category, modeling style and specification. In order to distinguish different shapes and different specifications of utensils, people have named the fired products one by one according to the use function and shape characteristics of utensils.

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1. Origin of name

(1) Pictographic Name: a product named after the modeling style describes the real object. At present, the names of the modeling style of daily-use porcelain include: it is named because the modeling style is similar to a certain image used in people's life, such as chess pieces, hats, bowls, pots, etc.

(2) Practical Name: refers to products named according to the service characteristics of utensils, such as fish dishes, milk cups, etc.

(3) Commemorative Name: refers to a product named in memory of something or celebrities of a certain era.

2. Division of specifications

The name of porcelain specification is generally divided according to the shape, size or capacity of the vessel. According to the capacity, bowl products are divided into three categories: big bowl, work bowl, soup bowl, etc. Disc products are divided into nine inches, eight inches, seven inches, etc.

3. Part name of modeling

According to the modeling structure of daily-use porcelain, it is usually divided into several parts, such as bowl, plate, plate, cylinder and other types of products, which are generally divided into mouth, abdomen, foot and bottom. Pots, cups, bottles and other utensils, except that the main shape is divided into mouth, neck, shoulder, abdomen, foot and other parts. Due to the different shapes and shapes, the above parts are relatively speaking, and there is no absolute boundary.

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