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How to distinguish between decals and hand-painted ceramics

December 14, 2021

The real value of ceramics, in addition to materials, is its handmade. Hand painted ceramic works have unique charm. Each can be said to be a unique handmade art, which is sought after by everyone in the market. Most ceramic lovers know that hand-painted and applique are not the same thing. Pure hand-made porcelain is of high value because it is unique and has gathered countless efforts of craftsmen. Collectors who love ceramics have questions about how to distinguish between hand-painted porcelain and applique porcelain. So, how to distinguish?

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1. Different production: Porcelain decal is to move the color pattern on the flower paper to the ceramic body or glaze by pasting, and porcelain hand-painted is an artistic ceramic painted on the ceramic with bare hands.

2. Different patterns: the patterns of porcelain decals are generally symmetrical or the same patterns; Hand painted porcelain is not the same pattern

3. Different characteristics: Porcelain decal, ceramic ink has strong hiding power and poor transparency; Hand painted porcelain is an article with different shapes and shapes. It has high collection value. Hand painted works are more vivid, more artistic expression, greater color change and heavier for reproductions.

4. Note: carefully check the patterns on the porcelain surface. Generally, it can be seen by the naked eye. If there are mesh patterns on the porcelain surface similar to those on cloth, they are decals. If possible, you can observe them with a magnifying glass.

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