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Kitchen utensils cleaning and maintenance skills

December 13, 2021

The appliance in the kitchen is much and multifarious, arrive home appliance furniture greatly, small arrive knife knife fork fork, need cleans regularly, accumulate besmirch namely otherwise, let bacterium breed, should think method restrains. Clean kitchen utensils regularly in time, so as not to affect the health of stains, then how to clean kitchen utensils, it is not difficult, according to the material cleaning, to ensure clean.

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1. Ceramic tableware: if you buy new porcelain ware, you can first put them into 4% vinegar water soak, into the pot boiling, you can remove most of the harmful substances. If the porcelain bowls accumulate greasy and are not easy to clean, you can wash them with hot water first, then wipe them with dry flour, and then rinse them with water, and they will be clean.

2. Glassware: pour baking soda water and edible lye into the oil bottle and shake it for a while, then rinse with hot water.

3 aluminum products, stainless steel products: banana peel, apple peel and other fruit skin on aluminum products, add water to boil, fruit acid in the skin and aluminum oxide layer will occur, and then rinse with water. If stainless steel appliances, use a soft cloth dipped in detergent or detergent to clean.

4 iron products: cooking paste pot, brush not off, you can sprinkle some kosher salt a little fry, then brush, it is easy to clean the pot; If the surface has rusted, wipe it with potato skin and the rust will be removed.


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