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How to maintain ceramic crafts

December 13, 2021

Ceramic handicraft is a traditional craft jewelry in China. It originated in ancient times and has a long history. With the continuous development of science and technology, the production technology of ceramic handicraft is higher and higher. Naturally, the performance of ceramic products is stronger and stronger. Due to its long history, ceramic handicraft generally has a strong cultural color and is loved by some cultural people. Modern ceramic crafts are more and more widely used in people's homes and areas, and become a kind of ornament product with certain characteristics. But how do ceramic crafts need to be maintained?

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1. No matter what kind of porcelain, the most important thing is to prevent falling and collision.   When looking at expensive porcelain, it's best to wear thin cotton gloves or yarn woven gloves to prevent the corrosion of sweat and salt, and avoid the slipping of porcelain by hand.

2. For normal maintenance, you can wipe the porcelain with a wet cloth, clean the dust of the porcelain with a soft brush, brush the gaps of the porcelain with a soft brush, and do not directly clean the unglazed ceramics with water.

3. It can be cleaned directly with detergent or with soap and a little ammonia. It has stronger decontamination and makes the ceramics more shiny. If you sprinkle strong dyeing liquids such as strong tea or ink on the ceramics, you should scrub them immediately to avoid leaving ugly marks.

4. When washing, general stains can be cleaned with alkaline water, soap and washing powder, and then washed with clean water; When washing thin tire porcelain, the water temperature should be controlled to prevent the porcelain from bursting due to the alternation of cold and hot water; Colored porcelain may be suffused with lead. You can wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in white vinegar and then wash it with clean water.

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