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Characteristics of ceramic arts and crafts

December 13, 2021

With the progress and development of science and the improvement of people's living standards, ceramics is not only a necessity of people's daily life, but also an artistic handicraft. It is a craft product mainly produced by hand to meet the living needs and aesthetic requirements of the working people. It is also loved by many people. Its uniqueness is that it is the unity of science and technology, plastic art and decorative art.

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1. The decoration is unique and unique

In China's long history of ceramic art development, with the production of pottery, our ancestors created a large number of excellent decorative techniques and forms. Some decorations have practical purposes and significance. China's traditional ceramic decoration forms are diverse and rich, and each form has different effects due to different materials and techniques. Each kind of decoration is closely related to raw materials, and the variety of porcelain is rich, which promotes the innovation and improvement of ceramic decoration technology. Color painting technology is the representative decoration technology of typical ceramic art. It has rich color materials, diverse varieties and strong artistry.

2. It has the aesthetic characteristics of the combination of practicality and art

Ceramic handicrafts are one of the plastic arts. They are made of art skills and practical handicrafts with appreciation value. As a material product, it reflects the material and cultural production level of a certain era and society. As a spiritual product, its visual image reflects the aesthetics of a certain era. Their production shows different styles and characteristics due to different historical periods, geographical environment and economic conditions.

3. Porcelain materials and firing characteristics

It is made of clay with feldspar and quartz as raw materials, and the body is glazed. It is fired at a high temperature of 1200-1300 ℃. It has dense and hard tire material, bright section, light transmission of thin layer, weak or no water absorption. Due to the need of environmental protection, the grottoes use electric energy as energy, and the temperature is easy to adjust. It is most suitable for the firing of overglaze painted porcelain.


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