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The difference between glass condiment set and ceramic condiment set

December 13, 2021

Condiment is a small jar used to hold various condiments in the kitchen. The texture includes glass, ceramics, plastic, stainless steel, etc. the condiment jar is a lovely "condiment", which can not only adjust the delicacy, but also "season" the kitchen. Lovely and exquisite carvings make these seasoning cans more like works of art.

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1. The glass seasoning material is characterized by transparency, beauty, environmental protection and safety. The glass seasoning can see the use of seasoning from the outside, and when it needs to be added at a glance. If it is stained with oil, it will be seen immediately, and it is also very convenient to clean. The structure of the glass is stable, resistant to high temperature and will not deform under the influence of high temperature. Glass is a non-toxic material, and it will not have chemical or physical reaction with any condiments, so it is very safe. The design is very simple and generous. The filling mouth is round and natural, with a sense of design. The permeability of glass can increase the color of seasoning.

2. Ceramic seasoning material is characterized by high temperature resistance, not easy to deform or crack, easy cleaning with oil stain, lower cost performance than glass, and no fear of oxidation or corrosion. The appearance is rich, and there are many styles to choose from. It is made of healthy, environment-friendly and high-quality clay. The porcelain embryo is dense and high-strength. It has the effect of anti-oxidation and bacteria release. It is very durable. The ceramic seasoning tank will make the seasoning more textured.

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