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Difference between high temperature porcelain and low temperature porcelain

December 12, 2021

Daily porcelain is the indispensable "POTS and pans" in People's Daily life, and is the most frequently used ceramic products in our life. It generally refers to the catering utensils of ceramics. Nowadays, when many people communicate about porcelain, or when merchants publicize porcelain, we sometimes hear such terms as "high temperature porcelain" and "low temperature porcelain", but do not know much about them. So what is their definition and what is the difference?

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1. Temperature: the temperature of high temperature porcelain firing is more than 1300 degrees Celsius; Low temperature porcelain firing temperature in 700-900 degrees Celsius.

2. Color: the color of high temperature porcelain is fuller, delicate and crystal clear; The color of low temperature porcelain is more sluggish than wood.

3. Handle: high temperature porcelain is smooth and delicate, low temperature porcelain is slightly rough.

4. Sound: High temperature porcelain is crisp; Low temperature porcelain is less stuffy.

5. Texture: high temperature porcelain is harder, low temperature porcelain is more fragile.

6. Water absorption rate: the water absorption rate of high temperature porcelain is lower than 0.2%. The product is easy to clean and will not absorb peculiar smell, and will not crack the glaze and local water leakage. The water absorption rate of low-temperature porcelain is much higher than this standard, and it is easy to enter sewage, and it is not easy to clean. It will also have bad smell, and cracking and leakage will occur over a long time.

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