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Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic milk pot

December 12, 2021

In daily life, the use of a small pot of hot milk, just to meet the basic requirements of "hot food pie" breakfast. Add oats, nuts, and milk in a small bowl to wake you up. The use of the milk pot is not only to heat milk, but also to boil water, because the milk pot is relatively light, it is fast and convenient to boil water, because it is fast, light and easy to clean, so it is used for porridge.

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1. It is made of pure natural mineral materials by hand, without any chemical and heavy metal elements, and will not produce any harmful substances when heated at high temperature and acid and alkali.

2. Raise the outer extension edge of the pot to effectively prevent the soup from rolling and spilling. When the soup is served with a spoon, it will not drop to the outside of the pot

3. Less oil smoke, physical non-stick, easy to clean, beautiful and colorful; At the same time, the ceramic milk pot has good sealing and heat preservation; Use a ceramic milk pot to heat food evenly and fully, making it easier to taste and shine.

Disadvantages: can't make acid food, not scratch, because the ceramic itself is relatively easy, so knock knock is easy to scratch.



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