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What is the making process of ceramic color changing cup

December 12, 2021

In our daily life, we often see many examples of magical color-changing cups. That is, the ceramic cup changes its original surface image after adding hot water, and even changes from color to transparency. We are curious about how it changes.

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First of all, the ceramic color cup itself will have a temperature color system, this color change is through the change of temperature, the use of temperature difference control color change. The color changing cup is actually a color changing coating on the mug. When it is heated, the color changing layer will disappear and we can see the picture printed on the mug. This is the principle of the color changing cup. There is also a photosensitive color cup, through the use of sunlight to control the color of the ceramic color cup, the basic color is: purple, yellow, blue, red, that is, from a color into another color or image, relatively single. In the development process of ceramic products, there are many key technologies for ceramic cups to break through. On the premise of meeting market demand, continuous innovation of production technology can enable enterprises to continue to develop forward.

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