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The reasons of China's ceramic export facing anti-dumping

December 11, 2021

Anti dumping is a means of trade protection implemented by trade importing countries against trade exporting countries. In recent years, China's ceramic products have been subject to frequent anti-dumping investigations, which has imposed high anti-dumping duties on foreign imports and exports, which has brought a major blow to China's whole ceramic industry, Limited China's ceramic export and directly damaged the interests of the industry, And it will be more difficult to explore overseas markets.

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1. The ceramic export market is relatively concentrated, resulting in vicious low price competition among the same industries in China

The market is too concentrated and narrow, so that ceramic exports are forced to compete to lower prices and strive for limited quotas. Even the price lower than the cost is exported, and then the export tax rebate is used to make up for the price difference, resulting in more and more serious vicious competition in the whole ceramic export industry, which is not conducive to product export and the conscience development of enterprises.

2. Ceramic export products have low scientific and technological content, weak brand awareness and seriously low export prices

China's exported ceramic products are of low grade and low added value, and enterprises lack the ability of independent innovation. The obsolete production line, backward production technology, small scale of enterprise R & D center and weak R & D capacity lead to China's inability to enter the medium and high-end market, resulting in the low price level of ceramic products in the international market.

3. The response rate to foreign anti-dumping cases is low

The response of Chinese ceramic enterprises to foreign dumping events is slow, the enthusiasm is poor, the response rate is low, and the solution effect is poor. Objectively, the reason for this phenomenon is that the state does not provide the relevant regulations and standards formulated by the importing country for this product in time. Ceramic export enterprises are not familiar with or understand this, and some enterprises are not active in responding to the lawsuit. When they are subject to anti-dumping and other trade sanctions, enterprises are unable to respond. Most enterprises pay more attention to short-term interests or local interests, and are unwilling to spend energy, time and financial resources to solve them. Eventually, it will be unfavorable to the whole ceramic enterprise.

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