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What are the precautions during ceramic transportation?

December 11, 2021

Porcelain life can be seen everywhere, such as spoons, tableware and vases. Exquisite ceramic products can decorate life and beautify the living environment. In the ceramic industry, ceramic machinery and equipment, clay raw materials, color glaze, packaging materials and other items closely related to production are inseparable from logistics and transportation. Because the hardness of ceramic products is relatively high and brittle, it is difficult to ensure the integrity of ceramic products during the transportation of ceramic products. So, how can we maintain a good transportation environment and ensure the integrity of ceramic products?

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First of all, we need to work hard on packaging. First, we will make a foam wrap on the appearance of a single ceramic and glass product, then put the wrapped products into the appropriate size carton. As long as the packaging design is reasonable, there will be no problems in general. Therefore, we must pay attention to the design and strictness in this process. It can also be packed in wooden cases, and then filled with filler to maintain the fullness of the space, and it can't have shaking space. The materials of wooden cases should also be relatively strong, so that they can be used for the next transportation and provide a way for transportation. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the integrity of products in the process of ceramic transportation. Pay attention to the safety of transportation and ensure good ceramic products.

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