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Countermeasures of China's ceramic industry against anti-dumping

December 10, 2021

In recent years, the export volume of China's ceramics has increased year by year. Due to the obstacles of anti-dumping non-tariff trade barriers, China's ceramic industry has been hit hard. Improving the scientific and technological content of its own ceramics, actively responding to anti-dumping events and scientifically and reasonably avoiding various non-tariff trade barriers have become the problems that China's ceramic industry needs to actively deal with.

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1. Define the market development strategy, actively explore new markets and avoid product concentration

2. Enhance enterprise brand awareness: most of China's ceramic enterprises have not established their own brands. Enterprises should develop and promote their own brands according to their own ability, develop products according to international fashion trends and market needs, and avoid blindly following the trend.

3. Improve the industry access threshold and rectify the industry order: starting from optimizing the enterprise strength, solving the pollutant emission, analyzing the upstream and downstream resources and the scale of cave furnace, the government modifies the current access policy of China's ceramic enterprises, improves the entry threshold of enterprises, and improves the current situation of low access threshold of China's ceramic enterprises. Ceramic enterprises should be strict with themselves in order for the government to rectify the industry order.

4. Comprehensively improve the technical content of ceramic products and create high-quality ceramic products

The ceramic industry should introduce advanced production lines and equipment, comprehensively improve the hardware facilities of enterprises, introduce a large number of ceramic talents and give them preferential treatment. Both packaging and quality need to be improved.

5. Strengthen the study of relevant anti-dumping laws and regulations and establish a market early warning mechanism

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