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Current situation of export trade of China's ceramic industry

December 10, 2021

China's ceramic export occupies an important position in the world, with strong production capacity, wide distribution of production areas and rapid expansion of export market. In recent years, due to the adverse effects of the financial crisis, the subsequent appreciation of RMB, increasingly stringent export standards and foreign technical barriers, China's ceramic products export is facing an extremely severe situation, and too many problems need to be solved urgently.

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The export of ceramic products is a very important part of China's foreign economy and trade. It has a wide variety of products sold abroad, a wide distribution of exporting countries, and the largest export quantity and amount, which has made an indelible contribution to China's export trade. China is a big producer and exporter of ceramic products, but the selling price of China's ceramic products in the international market is always low, mainly middle-grade and below products, and the added value of ceramic products is low. In order to seize the share in the foreign market, domestic ceramic enterprises compete to lower the product price regardless of the production cost, and the overall profit of the ceramic industry continues to decline, At the same time, it has a certain impact on the economy of importing countries. China's economy is developing continuously, the export volume is increasing, the export price of ceramic products is gradually increasing, and the profits brought by export products are not rising. Although the export volume and export amount of China's ceramic products rank first among the major ceramic producing countries, it can not be ignored that the export profit of China's ceramics has not increased steadily. Some countries frequently conduct anti-dumping investigations against China. Trade barriers have dealt a great blow to the export of Chinese ceramic products and faced unprecedented pressure.

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