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Ways of ceramic product design innovation

December 09, 2021

Ceramic products are the carrier of typical solid-state cultural form. The essence of design aesthetics is to express their inner world outlook, values and other spiritual activities with the help of design carrier.

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1. Understand traditional technology and have professional quality

Ceramic designer is a process in which designers constantly explore, discover, think and summarize in the design process, give full play to their personal subjective consciousness, and constantly study, study and practice. To understand the natural properties of ceramic materials, the process of making crafts, the essence of handicrafts.

2. Master the design information and have the awareness of maintaining property rights

The design of some products in today's ceramic market is influenced by foreign classic design. There are similarities after learning and learning from, and the creativity will be the same. Some products directly copy and imitate classic works at home and abroad, causing infringement, plagiarism and other intellectual property official websites. Therefore, we need to do a good job before design, understand the current situation of the market, master data, and strengthen the awareness of intellectual property protection. Designers should stick to their professional ethics, adhere to original design and protect their property rights.

3. Understand the significance and connotation of innovation and design based on life

The innovation of ceramic product design requires practicality, has a good grasp of aesthetics, pays attention to the treatment of details, and achieves the ultimate design. It is natural, simple and refined. We should focus on life, establish the concept of serving life and meet the needs of life.

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