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Problems of daily ceramics

December 09, 2021

Domestic ceramics have a long history in China and are also one of the familiar varieties of ceramic products. As a commodity, ceramics have also begun to be exported overseas. They are famous at home and abroad for their exquisite and diverse products and exquisite skills. With the development of science and technology and the wide use of ceramic materials and ceramics, the boundary of daily ceramics will no longer be so clear.

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1. International market analysis: after China's accession to the world trade organization, the export of Chinese ceramic products has encountered an anti-dumping situation. Due to the rise of price, low control cost and neglect of product development and design, the product price can not go up and can not meet the increasing personalization and internationalization. Improving competitiveness and avoiding losses caused by anti-dumping have become an important task for the future development path of China's ceramic industry.

2. Analysis of consumers' problems: the daily living habits of consumer groups, such as commodity design with different eating habits, need to investigate consumers' eating habits and development trend, which is necessary for the design of daily-use ceramics in China.

3. Lack of cultural awareness: with the continuous development and opening up of reform, the quality and income of the country have improved. The demand for pursuing "people-oriented" has been increasingly integrated into today's society. Ceramic products are designed and used to beautify people's living environment and affect people's pursuit of a better life.

4. Market oriented problem: ceramics in the traditional era serve the noble people and ignore the consumption of the public. From the perspective of daily use, most people's concept of daily necessities does not reach the attitude of pursuing the characteristics of ceramic culture at the design level.

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