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The relationship between aesthetics and practicality of daily ceramics

December 09, 2021

Daily use ceramics refer to the sum of ceramic products with practical functions in daily life. Daily use ceramics are the most familiar and familiar ceramic products in daily life. In the history of ceramic development, ceramics have both practical and spiritual aesthetic functions from the original practical value to the present.

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1. Mutual promotion: modern ceramic products are combined with today's new technologies, new materials and new processes to move towards systematization, standardization and automation, so as to improve product quality. This aspect reflects the practical function of daily-use ceramics and further improves it; On the other hand, it reflects the modern aesthetic consciousness and the continuous renewal of the form of beauty. Today's ceramic products also use advanced science and technology to make the product structure convenient, interesting and novel, so as to improve the competitiveness of products. In terms of ceramic modeling, it has both rigid and soft styles.

2. Mutual unity: with the development of social productive forces and the improvement of material living standards, meeting the sensory needs results. On the premise of meeting the use function, it has created a variety of beautiful and generous new shapes of daily ceramics. With the continuous enrichment and development of material wealth, there are a wide variety of new ceramic varieties with their own characteristics. When practical functions are realized, people show deeper needs and aesthetics, and pursue the beauty of products. With the continuous development of human society, the two are unified with each other. The products of daily-use ceramics will first undergo the test of the object of use, and the daily-use ceramics that can meet the practical and aesthetic needs of the object of use at the same time will not be eliminated in the market competition.

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