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Advantages and disadvantages of cold water kettle

December 08, 2021

Water is the source of life. People drink a lot of water every day to supplement water and maintain their health. It is also very comfortable to drink a mouthful of ice water in hot summer. Therefore, many families will prepare a cold kettle. What's the use of a cold kettle? The cold kettle can not only be used to put cold boiled water, but also has a layer of compartment, which can play a certain cooling effect. It can also put fruit juice, wine and other ice drinks. It is very suitable for home use.

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1. Advantages:

It adopts healthy and safe materials, most of which are transparent, with good-looking shape, high appearance value, and can clearly see the drinks inside. The price of cold water kettle is lower than that of hot water kettle, and the performance requirements are also lower; Unlike thermos and hot kettle, cold kettle has inner liner, which can hold more water and drinks.

2. Disadvantages:

Although the cold water kettle is very easy to use, it also has some disadvantages. First of all, it is not suitable for hot water. Most of the materials of cold water pots can not be used for hot water, otherwise the glass will break or burst, and cold water can only be stored for a short time, which is less useful; The material of the cold water kettle is mainly glass or ceramic. If there is no anti-skid design at the bottom, it may be dumped or broken when placed on a smooth table or coffee table, so it needs to be placed carefully.

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