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What is the selection technique of cold water kettle

December 08, 2021

A cold kettle is a kettle for holding cold water. It is usually made of glass. The cold water kettle is different from the hot water kettle. The hot water kettle also has the function of heat preservation. There are many styles of cold water kettle, and the glass material is relatively environmentally friendly, which is very popular with consumers. What are the selection skills of cold water kettle?

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1. Material selection: according to the material classification, the cold water kettle is divided into plastic kettle, stainless steel kettle and multi-layer kettle, of which the material of plastic kettle is poor.

2. There are two main ways to open the lid of a hot kettle, one button and manual. When buying, you can choose your favorite way to open the lid according to your personal habits.

3. Carefully check the logo description and product performance parameters of the cold water kettle, and check the name and address of the enterprise on it to prevent misuse of warnings.

4. Choose a cold water bottle according to the actual situation of the family. Generally, when purchasing a cold water bottle, families with 2-3 people can choose a cold water bottle with a capacity of 1.2-1.5l. When selecting a cold water bottle, families with more people should choose the capacity accordingly.

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