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What kind of garbage do glasses belong to

December 07, 2021

Nowadays, more and more people like to use glass, which has very good performance, non-toxic and harmless. But the glass also has a disadvantage that it is fragile. What kind of waste classification does the broken glass belong to? Is it other garbage or recycling?

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Waste glasses can be recycled and belong to recyclables. They should be put into the trash can of recyclables as required. In the process of putting waste glasses, pay attention to drain the water and put them gently to avoid scratching yourself and others by broken glass. If it is broken glass, pay attention to wrapping. Glass recycling has two main purposes: one is to directly process the recycled glass into new glass, and the other is to convert it into other useful materials. The general treatment method is to wrap the broken glass with adhesive tape, which can reduce the probability of injury of sanitation workers. Recyclable waste mainly includes five categories of domestic waste: waste paper, plastic, glass, metal and textile. Glass mainly includes: glass beverage bottle, glass wine bottle, lens, mirror, etc. according to the recycling process, glass is divided into colorless glass, green glass, brown glass, etc.

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