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Selection method of glass

December 07, 2021

The material of the glass is relatively stable, and it is not easy to precipitate some substances harmful to human body. Because the glass is transparent and smooth, it is easy to clean after use, so the glass is usually considered to be the healthiest drinking water container. How can we tell whether the material of a glass is excellent?

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1. Whether the glass is exquisitely made and looks pure and transparent. If the glass appears to have impurities and bubbles, it will affect its beauty.

2. Pay attention to whether there are cracks inside and outside the glass. The cracked glass is also easy to burst after injecting hot water, which is likely to scald yourself. Therefore, when selecting the glass, be sure to carefully observe whether there are cracks on the glass body.

3. Observe the thickness of the glass: the glass is thick and thin. In terms of material and quality, try to choose a thicker glass, which can not only insulate heat to a certain extent, but also resist falling and wear

4. Smell the smell. Generally speaking, only plastic materials have a strong smell. Glasses normally have no smell. If some cups have a smell, just rinse them with clean water.

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