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What are the classifications of glasses

December 07, 2021

Among the cups made of all materials, glass is the most suitable new type of environmental protection cup for healthy drinking water, which is more and more favored by people. Most people buy glasses only according to whether they drink, make tea or drink water. Many people love the style of a certain glass. Therefore, we need to classify glasses according to different types, and buying glasses will be more valuable.

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1. Structural classification

Double layer glass and single-layer glass: the production process is different. The double-layer glass can play the role of heat insulation and anti scalding when used. Single layer glass is generally used as an ordinary drinking vessel at home.

Crystal cup: one is used as a wine cup and is mostly used in restaurants and hotels

Plastic cup: composed of glass liner and plastic jacket, it is wear-resistant and not easy to burst

2. Other aspects:

(1) In terms of style, there are mouth cups and office cups

(2) From the cup mouth: there are standard cup mouth and high mouth glass (the filter screen is deeper, the design is more reasonable, and drinking water will not touch the filter screen)

(3) ) from the bottom of the cup, there are ordinary thin bottom, thick round bottom, thick straight bottom and crystal bottom.

(4) In terms of material, the cup body pipes used include ordinary glass tube and crystal glass tube.

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