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Characteristics of ceramic production process

December 06, 2021

The production process of ceramic products refers to the whole process from the input of raw materials to the production of ceramic products. It is that workers use certain labor tools and follow certain methods and steps. Generally speaking, the ceramic production process includes three basic stages: blank manufacturing, blank forming and porcelain sintering.

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1. The production cycle is relatively long: there are many processes and long time from product forming, calcination to sales. In the ceramic production cycle, the proportion of basic operation time really used is also relatively long. On the premise of ensuring product quality, enterprises should develop new technologies, improve enterprise management level and shorten production cycle.

2. Consume a lot of resources: low strength, poor heat resistance, short service life, and large consumption in ceramic enterprises. Ceramics are fired at high temperature in the production process, so the energy consumption in the production process is relatively large.

3. The level of specialization and cooperation is relatively low, the level of mutual cooperation is not high, and the degree of specialization and socialization of auxiliary services is low. The organizational structure of ceramic industry enterprises can be transformed according to the principle of specialization.

4. Transportation is an important link: there are many raw materials used in ceramic production, It has the characteristics of large quantity and large transportation volume. The transportation of green mud and semi-finished products and the molding and glazing of parts need to be transported.

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