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Tips for purchasing thermos cups

December 04, 2021

Thermos cup is an essential item for everyone. It is very important to choose a thermos cup suitable for yourself, especially in winter, which can let you drink warm hot water. However, the purchase of thermos cups depends not only on style and color, but also on durability. So, how to buy a thermos cup?

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1. Tightness: fill the thermos cup with a cup of water, tighten the cup cover, turn it upside down for a few minutes, or throw it with force. If there is no penetration, it proves that it has good tightness.

2. Appearance: the appearance will be attractive. It depends on the process of the thermos cup, the workmanship of the details, whether the interface will be exquisite, and whether the edge of the insulation edge will be smooth and flat. Whether there are scratches and bumps, and whether the polishing of outer tank surface and inner tank is uniform.

3. Performance discrimination: after the inner tank of the thermos cup is filled with boiling water, tighten the thermos cup. After about 2-3 minutes, touch the outer surface and lower part of the cup body with your hand. If you find a warm feeling, it means that the heat preservation is not good enough.

4. Whether the accessories are healthy and environmentally friendly: if the thermos cup is made of food grade, it will have small smell, bright surface, no burr, long service life and not easy to aging.

5. Identification of stainless steel materials: there are many specifications of stainless steel. 201 stainless steel has stable performance and is easy to corrode. After use for a period of time, the corrosion of the steel layer leads to vacuum leakage, resulting in a great decline in the thermal insulation effect.

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