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How to do ceramic culture well

December 03, 2021

China is the "hometown of ceramics", and ceramics is the symbol of China. The cultural relics of various times precipitated for thousands of years have become the most precious cultural heritage of mankind and will be handed down from generation to generation. Ceramics are daily necessities. China is the first country in the world to burn porcelain. Porcelain is a very important cultural symbol for Chinese civilization. It is known as the symbol of Chinese culture and has special significance. Now, we need to do a good job in ceramic culture and learn more about ceramic culture.

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We need to start from the staff, put forward requirements for people and institutions of ceramic culture, and let the ceramic culture carry forward. In particular, people in the field of ceramic culture often say that "there are specialties in the art industry". Only those who know the art can do their part well. As a ceramic culture, we have the idea of long-term combat. Culture comes out by accumulation and little precipitation. We should have a sense of historical responsibility, be responsible for history, modern people and future generations. For the ceramic industry, we should have height, depth and width. China's historical position in the history of porcelain making has not changed. We should have cultural self-confidence. When making ceramic culture, we should not be limited to the surface, but dig deeper meaning. For ceramic culture, we need to have width, find our own shortcomings, learn from others' advantages and learn from each other, so as not to belittle ourselves in the face of reality, meet difficulties in the face of difficulties, realize the revival of ceramic culture and make our due contributions.

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