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European-style coffee cup and saucer small luxury Italian


The marble coffee cup gold pattern coffee set, the integration of ceramics and light luxury gold pouring, shows retro and elegance, gorgeous temperament, luxurious but not vulgar, taste good drinks and feel the visual beauty at the same time. Low profile without losing texture, simple atmosphere, cups and dishes can also be used as dessert plates.

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The porcelain made by firing at high temperature has a smooth texture available to the tentacles and enjoys light and luxurious quality. The tray design can prevent coffee water stains from falling on the table and can also be used as a dessert plate. The golden cup holder adopts line design, which is not easy to rust. It can rust and is a small decoration. A multi-purpose cup can make coffee, milk, tea, etc. it is a good choice. Comfortable handle, comfortable grip, light and luxurious. The body of the cup is golden, glittering and splashed with gold, which is full of beauty. One cup and one dish are matched with the cup holder, which is beautiful and fashionable. The iron cup holder is hung stably at the hook, which is convenient for draining.

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