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Simple ring big ear Mug


The gentle ring mug is diverse and colorful, which injects vitality into life. The ring handle is comfortable to hold, and the cup surface is concave convex texture with a sense of design. Khaki, beige and mineral blue are fashionable Nordic style, embellishing boring life and adding fun to diet. The collision between modeling and color, high saturation contrast color, bold and interesting color collision design, full of strong artistic sense, and ordinary days will always feel a little special.

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It adopts colored glaze technology, high-temperature cave burning, isolating food and seasoning layer, lasting for a long time, comfortable to use, coexistence of beauty and strength, refreshing visual feeling. The vertical pattern of modern design improves the texture of drinking utensils, which is the shape. Three colors to choose from, easy to clean, never get tired of is amazing. Simple and elegant style, with its own elegant and natural style, it is beautiful with a pat. The smooth inside of the cup, simple glaze, and the surface of the cup is inlaid with edge lines and patterns. It is handmade by craftsmen and exudes unique charm.

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