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Hand painted tulip ceramic tableware

December 02, 2021

Tulips growing in spring absorb the warmth of the sun and bring a warm feeling to diners. Romantic tulips, dotted on the plate, bring a natural sense of freshness and warmth. The plate edge blooms like flowers. Vigorous life needs a full sense of ceremony.

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Using healthy hand-painted underglaze color technology, lead-free, cadmium free and other heavy metals, do not fade or fall off, you can safely put food, delicious and healthy with you. The porcelain is thick and effective against scalding. It has both beauty and practicality, giving better protection to both hands. The pattern of utensils can hold three meals and four seasons. There are all kinds of bowls and plates. Each has its own purpose to meet daily needs and enjoy the delicious pattern. The lace design is like a petal shape. Warm light yellow tulips and green lace are dotted on the panel to bring natural freshness and appearance, beautiful and durable. It is fired at high temperature and can be heated in microwave oven, oven and dishwasher. It is easy to handle. In order to prevent slip at the bottom, the desktop is not painted and not glazed.

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