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Coffee cup set ceramic afternoon cup tea set

December 02, 2021

Nordic Light luxury coffee cup set, lazy afternoon, give yourself a comfort of your own in the warm sun. Simple modern home, decorated with gold ceramic art to present different visual feelings. After busy work, give yourself a cup of coffee and add a sense of ceremony to your life with simple and versatile cups.

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It is made by firing at high temperature. The glaze is bright, full and durable. Golden iron leaching cup holder, with strong bearing capacity, durability and high-end atmosphere, can drain glasses at any time. The round and smooth arc handle makes it easy to carry without hurting your hand. The cup mouth is round and smooth, and the golden tracing edge is more high-grade. Anti slip grinding ring is added at the bottom of the cup to make it safer to use. The design of cup and dish texture prevents the cup from sliding. The saucer and cup match each other, making the matching more ceremonial. Delicate porcelain, classic Nordic color, brings exquisite and quiet forest flavor. Romantic afternoon tea is a wonderful time to steal floating life and half leisure, and tableware is also elegant to live up to this difficult time.

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