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Large cat girl floor tray decoration in living room


The floor decoration with creative design has gorgeous color and rigorous workmanship. High quality material, waterproof, dustproof and no deformation. Light up every corner of life with creativity. As a gift to relatives and friends is also a good choice to create a fashionable and stylish home.

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Using resin material, manual color painting, drawing and coloring one by one, the line description is smooth and the texture is delicate, and finally presents a sweet and vivid space decoration. It is interesting and vivid. It is stored and arranged in the porch, TV cabinet, bedroom, study, living room, etc., so that the space atmosphere is no longer boring. Next to the lovely three-dimensional face, the girl is wearing a golden bell collar and a lovely bear on the base. The metal wire drawing tray is stable and has strong bearing capacity. It is made of iron material. It can be decorated and put more items. The base is thick and stable, beautiful and generous, with good stability and not easy to dump. The shape is cute and interesting, both practical and fashionable, adding an interest to the boring space.

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