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Usage of glass soup pot

December 01, 2021

Glass soup pot is a pot made of heat-resistant glass. It is needed in our daily life. It is a good hand in cooking noodles, stews and soup. The glass soup pot can clearly see the cooking process. The color and aroma are all under control, which not only brings convenience to the family, but also brings delicious dishes.

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1. When buying the pot for the first time, wipe it with oil first, so as to make the pot more durable.

2. The glass pot has good thermal insulation. When using slow fire to cook dishes, you can turn off the fire in the last few minutes to better help you finish cooking and save energy.

3. Before cooking, it is recommended to preheat the glass pan for 2 minutes, and then cook over a slow fire to heat it evenly.

4. When cooking, make sure there is food in the pot and avoid empty burning for a long time.

5. After cooking, the pot body is heated, and then contact the pot body with a mop, kitchen gloves or rag to avoid scalding.

6. After each use, it is necessary to wait for a short period of cooling and soak in detergent before cleaning.

7. Do not use corrosive or abrasive cleaning to remove stains. Just use a cleaning sponge or soft cleaning cloth. It is more healthy and hygienic when combined with a toothbrush.

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