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Development trend of contemporary ceramic art

November 30, 2021

Ceramic art belongs to the quintessence of China and is the representative of traditional art. However, due to many reasons, ceramic art gradually declined in China. Until contemporary China began to pay attention to the inheritance of traditional culture, ceramics, as the representative of traditional culture, gradually re developed and gradually formed contemporary ceramic art. The creators of contemporary ceramic art give full play to their imagination and convey different aesthetics and the spirit of the times. The overall trend of the development of contemporary ceramic art is diversity, richness and inclusiveness, showing distinctive individual characteristics in commonness.

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1. Diversification: it is mainly reflected in the diversification of visual effects and functions, the diversified needs of consumers, the progress of ceramic art, the change of aesthetic concept and other factors, which promote the birth of ceramic art diversification. Nowadays, Chinese contemporary ceramic art presents the artistic style of "a hundred flowers bloom" and "a hundred schools of thought contend". Its diversified content, style and forms of expression are also widely accepted and recognized by the public.

2. Networking: in the "ecological environment" of the Internet, people have faster and more convenient ways to obtain information, more diversified information content, and great changes have taken place in people's cognitive style and appreciation of various arts. Driven by the interconnection, ceramic works have opened a market-oriented operation mode, provided a platform for ceramic artists and attracted many enthusiasts to participate.

3. Artistry: with the high development of economy, people's living conditions are constantly improving, and their pursuit of spiritual culture is also constantly improving. The traditional ceramic technology can not meet people's spiritual needs. The demand for ceramics no longer stays in the simple and practical aspect, and the degree of pursuit of appreciation is increasing, practical Beautiful and artistic ceramic works are more and more loved by people.

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