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Ceramic live broadcasting is now a new ecology

November 30, 2021

"Everything can be broadcast live, and everyone can bring goods". With the full rise of live broadcasting with goods, whether in cities or villages, new economy or traditional economy, people begin to embrace the new ecology of "live broadcasting with goods" with a new attitude. In recent years, the use of live broadcasting to sell ceramic products has driven regional economic growth and expanded the influence of ceramics.

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With the development in recent years, China's webcast has gradually become standardized, and the major webcast platforms have successively issued management regulations. On the surface, ceramic live broadcasting is a simple commercial behavior, but it is not. It has wide coverage, great influence and strong penetration. It is a media to better promote the foreign exchange of ceramic culture, which is of great significance to establish a good image of the ceramic industry. Ceramics is different from other commodities. The starting point of consumers' purchase is not only a few necessities, but also their love of ceramic culture and ceramic technology. In today's era, if we want to promote the benign development of ceramic live broadcasting with goods, we not only need the relevant government departments to introduce measures to further standardize the operation of live broadcasting with goods enterprises and maintain the benign competition in this industry. Relevant professionals should strengthen self-discipline to avoid false transactions and high prices, which will affect consumers' good impression of the ceramic industry. Provide high-quality ceramic products, learn more professional knowledge, organize professional training, and better provide services to consumers to meet their needs. Ceramic live broadcasting promotes the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and can realize the two-way transmission and communication of product information. It can not only bring online trading volume, but also stimulate the development of offline physical stores.

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