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Inheritance and development of Chinese Ceramic Art

November 29, 2021

The inheritance and development of ceramic art represents the spreading process of Chinese history. The history of ceramics is a history of Chinese development. In the long river of history, Chinese ceramics are famous all over the world for its long history, extensive and profound, rich resources and Oriental mystery. With the continuous progress of human civilization, ceramic art continues to innovate in the process of inheritance, forming a unique artistic style to meet people's growing spiritual and cultural needs.

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The development of ceramic art runs through the history of ceramics. The original craft production, various decorative patterns have their own characteristics and beautiful forms. With the inheritance and development of each period, ceramic art and culture are constantly precipitating, and the internal culture is very deep, which is reflected in the broad ceramic art. With the rapid development of the times, China has been impacted by globalization. Western civilization and art are developing in a new form, injecting new vitality into the development of Chinese ceramics. Every development change is a continuation on the basis of inheritance, which makes ceramic art grow. Today's development is diversified. Different cultural backgrounds and different regions form the integration of different arts. Ceramic art is not only the original material in human civilization, but also the most common and attractive art material in the world.

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